Dog Parks

Barkley Park and Happy Paws Park

Two community dog parks allow our four-pawed furry friends to romp and play in generous open spaces. Happy Paws Park is new, with recently installed social areas and a long dog run. Barkley Park, overlooking Calypso park, has sides for big and small dogs, a long dog run and shaded seating.

Sandoval has two dog parks that provide a great place for your little friends to run and play !  Barkley Park is in Phase 1 and Happy Paws Park is in Phase 3.

Barkley Dog Park and Happy Paws Dog Park Rules

Park hours: Dawn to 30 minutes past sunset.

The park will be closed every Tuesday for repairs, maintenance and a day of rest. The park will reopen the following Wednesday morning.

The park will be closed when there is standing water.

Only two dogs per person (owner/handler) are allowed. Only dogs 4 months and older are allowed. Dogs must be legally licensed, vaccinated and wearing both current tags.

Dogs must be on leash when entering and exiting the park. All dogs must be under the owner’s/handler’s control. Dog’s owners/handlers must keep their dogs(s) in view at all times.

When inside Barkley Park an adult must accompany children under the age of 12.

Be responsible for your pet by not allowing your dog to dig.

No female dogs in heat are allowed.

Any dog bite is the owners’ responsibility and must be immediately reported to Lee County Animal Control. Parties involved must wait for an officer to respond, except in the case where immediate medical care is needed.

Dogs must not be allowed to bark incessantly or to the annoyance of the other residents enjoying the park.

Aggressive dogs are not allowed at any time. An aggressive dog is defined as a dog(s) posing a threat to human beings or other dogs. Owners (handlers) are legally responsible for their dog(s) and any injury caused by them.

Dog owners/handlers must immediately pick up their dog’s feces and properly dispose of in trash receptacles.

Food, bottles, glass and sharp objects are not allowed.

No feeding of any wildlife is allowed including birds.