Calypso Park

The park is open from dawn until 30 minutes past sunset. It's easy to miss this little treasure, just inside the front (Veterans Memorial) gate and next to Barkley Park, one of our two gated dog parks.
Calypso Park offers residents a beautiful 4.5-acre park for watching the sunset or taking a leisurely evening stroll.

Or casting a line off the fishing pier into our 22-acre lake and enjoying a lazy afternoon.


Don't feel like fishing? Then how about relaxing on our newly installed benches while peering out over the pier?

Fishing Pier Rules

Grills, pathways, and covered picnic areas enhance this scenic location. Why not plan a Happy Hour and grill something tasty right here at the park? Maybe grab a friend who plays guitar and have a songfest!

A fun amenity here in Calypso Park is Chip and Putt Disc Golf. Get your family and friends together to enjoy a game of this combination of Frisbee and golf!

The new disc golf course is well known as a precision and accuracy sport, in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target. The game is fun with both family and friends. Our new league is about to start and all residents are invited to participate in the fun! For more information call Don Wells at: [email protected]. Disc Golf Rules

Or visit our recently added butterfly garden. Already, in the span of just a few months, four different species of butterflies have taken up residence in the garden.

And, as is typical around here, a club has formed around this amenity, the Sandoval Butterfly Garden Club, whose primary goal is to attract as many species of butterflies as possible with irresistible host and nectar plants. Learn more about butterflies, become a club member, or simply watch and enjoy them, perhaps pondering this quote…

"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."~ R. Buckminster Fuller.

The park and its facilities are available for all Sandoval residents and their guests. The resident must accompany all guests. From time to time, it's necessary to close the park for landscape maintenance; we'll post signs at the entrance gate to let you know.

Calypso Park Rules

Please keep these rules in mind as you enjoy your time here:

• Park hours: Dawn to sunset
• No parking from sunset to dawn

• No campfires
• Music levels not to disturb neighbors

• Pets must be tethered to a leash
• Pier fishing only

• No swimming or boating
• Beware of alligators

Calypso Fishing Pier Rules
• Fishing is from the pier only. Fishing from the lake banks is not permitted. The “catch and release” policy is strictly enforced. Fishing licenses may be required by the State of Florida.
• No diving jumping or swimming from the fishing pier. Remember swimming, diving and boating are prohibited in all Sandoval lakes.
• Pier access is by foot only. No bicycles, motorized vehicles of any kind, roller blades, or skateboards are allowed.
• The lake is a borrow pit, therefore it is deep and has steep banks. Do not leave children unattended.

Disc Golf Rules
• Disc Golf is available. Players may secure equipment from the SCA Office or provide their own equipment. Below are the rules for the participants of chip and putt disc golf:
• Use a Mid-Range disc, Approach/Putter Disc or Regular Frisbee. A Driver disc is not recommended, because of the short distance.
• Safety is a priority, and the park is a multi-use venue. Always look out for other residents enjoying the park. Use a lookout and shout out "fore" if others are in the area. All fenced areas. Tiki huts, parking lots and permanent water hazards are out of bounds.
• Show courtesy to others, and only play golf when there is a clear path to the basket. All golf play will defer to other activities in the park.