Sandoval Esplanade

Walk, jog or rollerblade with friends and neighbors along The Esplanade, our two mile-long, 70-foot-wide linear park. The Esplanade meanders along Sandoval' main boulevard. It offers an 8-foot walking path,  along with trees and landscaping connecting the community's neighborhoods with the Amenity Center and the Shops at Surfside.

The Esplanade, our two mile-long, 70- foot wide linear park will meander along Sandoval’s main boulevard. It has an 8-foot wide walking/biking path, along with trees and landscaping connecting the community’s neighborhoods with Club Sandoval, our Community Parks and the commercial areas adjacent to our property. It has designated areas with benches to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. It will also be a designated area for the children to get picked up and get dropped off by the Lee County School Transportation System.

Bike Path Rules

No motorized vehicles are permitted other than necessary Community Association maintenance vehicles.

Stay to the right except when passing.

Pass on the left with caution using an audible warning such as, “passing on the left.”

In consideration of and for the safety of others, do not walk or ride three or more abreast.

When rounding blind corners, bikers and rollerbladers should slow down and use caution.

When approaching two-way traffic, bikers and rollerbladers should slow down and use caution.

Community Association rules require that all dogs must be leashed while walking. Please use a short leash while on the bike paths. Longer leashes can become tangled with other path users and could cause injury.

These rules were written in accordance with Sandoval Community Association Rules and Regulations and applicable Lee County Ordinances, for the benefit, enjoyment, and safety of all residents and their guests. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with Sandoval’s Parks and Park rules. If you have any questions regarding our parks, please contact the Sandoval Office. We appreciate your compliance.