Remember to drink lots of water everyday...

The Lagoon Resort-Style Pool at Club Sandoval 
Our pool features the Chute Waterslide and Splish Splash Water playground.

The Lagoon Pool opens everyday at 8:00am. Closings times are listed below.

Jan – 5:30pm

Feb – 6:00pm

Mar – 6:00pm (1st - 7th)

Mar – 7:00pm (8th - 31st)

Apr – 7:00pm

May – 7:30pm

Jun – 8:00pm

July – 8:00pm

Aug – 7:30pm

Sep – 7:00pm

Oct – 6:30pm

Nov – 5:30pm

Dec – 5:30pm

Important Reminders:

Your Amenity Card is required to access the pool and restrooms. Please be prepared to carry your amenity card with you at all times. 

No Glass! Please do not bring glass inside the pool gates and onto the pool deck. Per Department of Health, code 64-E9, if glass is found on pool deck, the pool can be shut down without warning. On that same note, food and beverage must be kept 4 feet away from the pools edge.

No Bridge and Gate Jumpers! If you are caught jumping off the bridge, or jumping over the pool gates, you will lose up to three months of pool privileges.

Be safe. When thunder roars; it is time to head indoors. Southwest Florida is the lightning capital of the US during June, July and August! The pool will close and reopen based on the lightning tracker at EarthNetworks. Click here to see lightning strikes across Florida.

With these important reminders out of the way....

Check the weather and then head to the pool... and Enjoy the Florida Sunshine!

PS: , don't forget your sunblock!