Lagoon Resort-Style Pool
Club Sandoval

Take a look above. Kind of says it all, right?

Exit one of the back doors of the Community Center or take the Esplanade to our million-dollar Caribbean-style pool set in lush palms and other tropical vegetation.

Two tiki huts and tons of chairs are situated throughout the pool area for your leisure.

Kids can enjoy the Splish-Splash Water Playground.

We even have a winding-chute waterslide through our version of a rain forest ending in a refreshing splash into the pool.

There’s no shortage of tropical sun and gentle Gulf breezes here, so you needn't bring either.

But you might want to bring your own picnic lunch or dinner, or cook your meal on one of our grills just outside the pool gate, under the shade trees. From time to time, you may even find a food truck poolside!

The pool opens every day at 8:00 am

Here are the varying closing times, which are keyed to the end of daylight:

Jan – 5:30pm
Feb – 6:00pm

Mar – 6:00pm (1st - 7th)
Mar – 7:00pm (8th - 31st)

Apr – 7:00pm
May – 7:30pm
Jun – 8:00pm
July – 8:00pm
Aug – 7:30pm
Sep – 7:00pm
Oct – 6:30pm
Nov – 5:30pm
Dec – 5:30pm

Important reminders:

Your amenity card is required to access the pool and restrooms. Please carry it with you at all times. 

According to the resident handbook, a 14-year-old to 18 year old can have one guest if they’re 14 years or older.  A resident over 18 can have up to six guests. Any more than that becomes a Private Party.

There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.

No glass! Please do not bring glass inside the pool gates and onto the pool deck. Per Department of Health, code 64-E9, if glass is found on the pool deck, the pool can be shut down immediately. On that same note, food and beverages must be kept 4 feet away from the pool's edge.

No bridge and gate jumpers! Anyone caught jumping off the bridge, or jumping over the pool gates, will lose up to three months of pool privileges.

Be safe. When thunder roars, it is time to head indoors. Southwest Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S. during June, July, and August! The pool will close and reopen based on the lightning tracker at EarthNetworks.  
Sandoval recently completed the installation of Earth Networks Lightning Alerting System with sound and strobe lights on top of the Clubhouse Lagoon Pool. The system will detect lightning up to ten miles away, and alert the residents using sound (horn) and strobe lights.

If lightning is detected, the horn will sound a continuous blast for 15 seconds, advising all residents to seek shelter. If lightning is in our area, the strobe light will begin flashing. 

Once the lightning has cleared and it is safe to resume outdoor activities, the horn will sound three, short, five-second blasts.

Click here to see lightning strikes across Florida.

With these important reminders out of the way....

Check the weather and then head to the pool... and Enjoy the Florida Sunshine!

PS: , don't forget your sunblock!